Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Next Panama Canal Treaty

 summarizes what happened at the Bali global warming conference:

The Washington Post leads with, and everyone else fronts, the end of the U.N. climate talks in Bali, where some surprising, last-minute concessions paved the way for a framework for negotiating new climate change accords over the next two years. The Los Angeles Times leads with the U.S. military's change of plans for reducing troop levels next year, saying troops will be concentrated in Baghdad as it pulls back soldiers from other parts of the country. The New York Times leads with the White House and NATO worrying about losing whatever gains they've made in Afghanistan over the last six years.

Spending two weeks in talks just to settle on a framework for negotiating a climate change pact over the next two years may seem like no great accomplishment to some. But every paper makes it clear that getting nearly 190 countries to agree on even this much required major concessions all around. The United States managed to nix language stipulating hard and fast emissions cuts for developed nations, and developing nations secured promises of financial and technological aid. The LAT says that just keeping the United States engaged in the talks constituted a victory for the United Nations. The NYT's piece, meanwhile, says the framework was agreed to with one eye looking beyond the Bush White House, in hopes that the next president will place a higher priority on addressing climate change.

Folks, this is the next Panama Canal Treaty--an epic fight over US Sovereignty that redefines American politics. The pro-Sovereignty forces lost that fight against both Republican and Democratic globalists in the late 70s, but the Sovereigntists had their vindication, in the election fo Ronald Reagan in 1980. The SC sees a similar redefining fight in the '00s.

But in the meantime, here's a revealing photo of Al Gore receiving his Nobel Prize. Note the lipstick! Note also his strong resemblance to Bela Lugosi a coincidence? Maybe not! He sure looks like he's ready to pay the Dracula role, sucking away our national independence.

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