Friday, December 14, 2007

Immigration Is The New Third Rail -- It's About Time! And Sovereignty--That's Next!!

Veteran Republican political consultant Marc Rotterman offers
important advice to politicians of both parties in the pages of today's Raleigh News & Observer. Here's Rotterman's conclusion, which should be required reading for anyone thinking about winning an election next year. Note that Rotterman makes the crucial linkage between border control and US Sovereignty.

Illegal immigration is becoming the defining issue of the 2008 election.

Those who stand for amnesty, driver's licenses for illegal aliens, in-state or out-of-state tuition for illegal aliens at our institutions of learning will pay a price at the polls.

Conversely, those who respect the rule of law, national sovereignty and the will of the American people will be rewarded politically when citizens cast their votes next fall.

It'll be interesting to see who listens. But we know that the voters are paying close attention to the candidates who protect the border and our Sovereignty.

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